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Restricted and Prohibited Items Policy



This is an overview of the products that are restricted and prohibited on the SellNu.com Marketplace. Listing certain restricted or prohibited products will result in the deactivation of products, or the suspension of your SellNu.com Seller Account.

  1. We’ve created these policies for legal and user-experience purposes.
  2. Products to Help Pass Drug Tests
  3. Products Associated with Alcohol
  4. Products Associated with Gambling
  5. Products that are Dangerous to Others
  6. Products Associated with Endangered Species
  7. Products Associated with Fake Documents
  8. Financial or Other Related Products
  9. Products Pertaining to Healthcare and Medicine
  10. Products Containing Human Remains and Body Parts
  11. Products Associated with Illegal Hacking
  12. Products Promoting Immovable Property
  13. Products Offering Live Animals
  14. Products Offering Online Gaming Goods and Currency
  15. Products Associated with Stolen Property and Lock Picking Devices
  16. Products Associated with Traffic Devices
  17. Products With Adult-oriented Content

1. Products to help to Pass Drug Tests

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list products that are considered aids to pass drug tests. This policy includes drug test cleansing products, urine drug test solutions or instructions on how to pass drug tests.

2. Alcoholic Beverages are Prohibited

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list alcoholic beverages or drinks that resemble alcoholic beverages, like non-alcoholic beer.

3. Casinos and Gambling Equipment is Restricted

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list products that are gambling-related, including:

Gambling-related promotional products such as gambling-related vouchers, bonus codes, etc.

Gambling-related lotteries tickets such as non-national or state lotteries, or national or state lottery affiliates or aggregators

Physical lottery scratch cards

However, SellNu allows sellers to list physical gambling-related equipment, including:

Gambling-related accessories, e.g. poker chips

Gambling-related physical items, e.g. poker books/DVD’s/Video games for consoles

We’ve created this policy based on legal factors.

4. Dangerous Products are Prohibited

We want to help keep people safe both online and offline, so we don’t allow the promotion of some products that cause damage, harm, or injury.

Examples of Prohibited Dangerous Products

Examples of dangerous content: recreational drugs (chemical or herbal); psychoactive substances; equipment to facilitate drug use; weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and fireworks; instructions for making explosives or other harmful products; tobacco products.

For more examples, review the categories of dangerous products below (meant to be illustrative rather than a complete list).

Prohibited: Explosives –

Products that are designed to explode and could cause damage to nearby people or property. Instructional materials on how to make explosives are also prohibited on SellNu.

Examples: Nail bomb, chemical bomb, any fireworks that explode, firecrackers, grenade, Bomb-making instructions.

Prohibited: Guns and Parts –

Functional devices that appear to discharge a projectile at high velocity, whether for sport, self-defense, or combat. Furthermore, any part or component necessary to the function of a gun or intended for attachment to a gun is also prohibited on SellNu.

Examples: Handguns, rifles, shotguns, hunting guns, functioning antique guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, bb guns, Gun scopes, ammunition, ammunition clips.

Prohibited: Dangerous Knives –

Knives that are designed or promoted as products that can be used to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense or combat. Also prohibited on SellNu is any knife design that provides a confrontational advantage (including disguised appearance or assisted-opening mechanism).

Examples: Switchblades, tactical knives, fighting knives, sword-canes, balisongs, military knives, push daggers, throwing axes.

Prohibited: Other Weapons –

Any other product designed to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense or combat.

Examples: Throwing stars, brass knuckles, crossbows or pepper spray.

Prohibited: Recreational Drugs and Drug-Related Equipment –

Promotion of substances that alter mental state for the purpose of recreation, or otherwise induce ‘highs’. Furthermore, products or services marketed as facilitating recreational drug use are also prohibited. Additionally, products that promote instructional content about producing, purchasing or using recreational drugs are prohibited on SellNu.

Examples: Cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine substitutes, mephedrone, ‘legal highs’, pipes and bongs, Instructional resources on drug use.

Prohibited: Tobacco Products & Related Equipment –

You can sell collectible tobacco packaging and some tobacco-related items, as long as you meet certain conditions. However, you’re not allowed to sell most tobacco products on SellNu because of strict government regulations.

If you’re selling an item that’s allowed, you can only offer domestic shipping. You’re not allowed to ship these items outside the US.


  • Nicotine patches or gums
  • Promotional items with tobacco brand logos, such as calendars, hats, and shirts
  • Memorabilia, posters, or similar items (including vintage) for tobacco products
  • Tobacco seeds
  • Vintage ads for tobacco products


  • Cigar bands and packaging can only be listed individually if they don’t include actual tobacco
  • Items that are used for smoking tobacco—including cigarette papers and pipes

Not allowed

  • Any item containing tobacco and intended for consumption
  • Blunts or cigar wraps
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Cigarettes (including flavored cigarettes)
  • Cigars
  • Cuban cigars
  • Dipping tobacco
  • Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and components
  • Herbal cigarettes or herbal tobacco (sometimes called nicotine-free cigarettes or tobacco-free cigarettes)
  • Hookah or Shisha molasses that contains tobacco
  • Including photos of cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco items when selling cigar bands, collectible packaging, or other accessories
  • Loose leaf tobacco
  • Nicotine inhalers or nasal sprays
  • Pipe tobacco
  • Smokeless tobacco

5. Endangered Species are Prohibited

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list products that are obtained from endangered or threatened species.

We’ve created this policy based on user feedback and legal factors.

6. Fake Documents are Prohibited

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list fake documents for sale.

7. Financial or Other Related Products are Restricted

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list products related to cash disbursements; money orders; traveler’s checks; precious metal bullion, stocks, bonds, or related financial products; stored value cards; discount currencies or currency exchange.

8.Gift Cards

SellNu allows sellers to list gift cards with a few restrictions. The following requirements must be met:

  • You should comply with all applicable laws for each country that you are targeting, including, but not limited to, limits on denomination.
  • Only store gift cards that can be used only at a particular store or group of stores are allowed. For example, prepaid gift cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa (that can be used at any store where the brand is accepted) are not allowed.
  • Important information for users such as fees, expiration date, country restrictions, participating stores, and any other limitations must be clearly disclosed on the landing page.
  • Discount gift vouchers or coupons, where spending a minimum amount of money is required to get the discount on particular goods or services, are not allowed.
  • Gift cards that are solely or primarily redeemable for alcohol, endangered species, fireworks, gambling related content, healthcare related products, illegal products, tobacco, or weapons are restricted per each corresponding policy.

9. Healthcare and Medicine is Restricted

SellNu restricts sellers from listing certain kinds of healthcare-related products.

We’ve created this policy due to legal regulations and to ensure a positive user experience.

  • Prescription Drugs: No prescription drugs are allowed on SellNu.com
  • Unapproved Pharmaceuticals and Supplements: Unapproved Pharmaceuticals and Supplements are not allowed on SellNu.com
  • Abortion: SellNu.com restricts the promotion of abortion-related content, including abortion-inducing drugs.
  • Pet Prescriptions: No pet prescriptions are allowed on SellNu.com
  • Secret Paternity Tests: SellNu.com doesn’t allow the promotion of paternity tests that are advertised as secret.

10. Human Remains and Body Parts are Prohibited

SellNu.com doesn’t allow product listings for body parts or human remains in any form, which includes but is not limited to organs, bones, skin and any bodily fluids including feces. The only exception that is acceptable to sell on SellNu.com is hair used for wigs.

11. Illegal Hacking is Prohibited

SellNu.com doesn’t allow product listings or websites that promote hacking by providing instructions or equipment to illegally access or tamper with software, servers, cell phones, or websites.

Examples of prohibited items:

  • Instructions to illegally access or tamper with software, servers or websites
  • Captcha test cracks
  • Satellite TV copyright modifications
  • DeCSS, CSS, CPRx
  • Mod chips
  • Phone jammers
  • Slide cards, HU loaders, HU cards, DSS test cards
  • SS-Pro2, ISO 7816 Programmers, Smart Card programme unloopers
  • Stealth switches
  • UN-99 devices, DAT devices, blocker devices, DDT devices
  • Phone tapping, phone interception
  • Web monitoring software or devices
  • Flash cards

12. Immovable Property is Prohibited

SellNu.com doesn’t allow sellers to list immovable property that can’t be shipped and delivered to buyers.

As mentioned in our shipping policy, please note that the item should be shippable to areas or regions of the U.S. Shipping costs or fees should be clearly disclosed to users.

We’ve created this policy based on user experience and legal factors.

13. Live Animals are Prohibited

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list live animals.

14. Online Gaming Goods and Currency is Prohibited

SellNu.com doesn’t allow sellers to list products related to the sale of online gaming currency or in-game virtual items.

15. Stolen Property and Lock Picking Devices are Prohibited

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list stolen property or lock picking devices. This also includes products where the serial number has been removed or altered.

We’ve created this policy to protect our users’ online safety and to also be in compliance with local laws.

16. Traffic Devices are Restricted

SellNu doesn’t allow sellers to list products that are designed to interfere with the enforcement of traffic laws. While radar detectors are allowed in most countries (see details below), radar jammers and other law evading products aren’t allowed.

17. Products With Adult-oriented Content

Sexually-oriented adult material is meant for people who are 18 years and older. We allow the sale of this material, but you can only list these items in the  Adult-Only category.

These guidelines explain what’s OK to list, what you can’t list, and where you should list these items. Additionally, you need to follow any applicable laws or shipping restrictions for adult material.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn’t, it may be removed, and your buying and selling privileges could be restricted.

We let pre-approved sellers list certain bondage items, sex toys, and sex accessories in the following categories:



Seller accounts are automatically reviewed for pre-approval at the time of attempting to list in these categories.

In addition to pre-approval, sellers listing items in these categories must meet the following listing requirements.

  • Listings can’t contain images of nudity
  • Listings can’t use profane word
  • Items can’t be modeled on a real person or mannequin
  • Items must be new, in their original packaging

Searching for Adult Only items

Please don’t visit the Adult Only category if you don’t want to see explicit materials.



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